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About Thunder Sound Studio

Thunder Sound Studio is a full service recording studio for the seasoned musical professional as well as the first time record maker. The low keyed, laid back atmosphere complements the visceral sonic splendor of the mixing/mastering control room. I personally oversaw the construction and setup with the best recording studio designers and builders available.

Being a drummer, guitarist, keyboardist, singer and songwriter, my goal is to be able to take a song from the bare essentials and see it through to the mixed and mastered stage.

I think my talents in these areas make this a great place for any songwriter to see their songs become fantastic finished recordings. This is also the place to have drum tracks recorded in Pro Tools specifically for your project anywhere in the world, and sent back in twelve tracks of wave files to bounce back into your session.

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21 years into my tenure with John Mellencamp, my discography with him includes:

  • The Best That I Could Do
  • John Mellencamp (1998)
  • Rough Harvest
  • Cuttin’ Heads
  • Trouble No More
  • Words and Music
  • Freedom’s Road
  • Life Death Love and Freedom
  • Life Death Love and Freedom Live
  • Plain Spoken
  • Sad Clowns And Hillbillies

Other selected discography items:

  • Ian Hunter - Rant
  • Ian Hunter - Man Overboard
  • Steve Earle - Jerusalem
  • John Prine - "Falling from Grace" soundtrack
  • Donovan - Ritual Groove (produced and played multiple instruments on 3 selections)
  • Lisa Germano - Excerpts from a Love Circus
  • Nancy Honeytree - Heart
  • Carrie Newcomer - Visions and Dreams

As a producer/arranger/co-writer I have finished a soon to be released project with legendary 60's sensation Moby Grape, and am working on a Don Stevenson (ex-Grape drummer/singer) project at the moment.

I've been co-writer and producer on many other projects including:

  • Jason Sturgeon - That's Me
  • Corey Cox - Corey Cox
  • Butch Castetter - Butch Castetter
  • Mark Hannah/Carl Storie - Planet Blues

  • 21 years as the drummer for John Mellencamp
  • Percussion and Jazz Studies instructor at Anderson University for 10 years
  • Drummed on stages worldwide with many legendary musicians in jazz, classical, country, gospel and rock situations. These artists include:
    • Dizzy Gillespie
    • Josh Groban
    • Steve Earle
    • John Prine
    • John Fogerty
    • Ian Hunter
    • Donovan
    • Moby Grape
    • Bill Gaither
    • Gaither Vocal Band
    • Sandi Patti
  • Co-wrote, produced and arranged "Simple Life" for Jason Sturgeon. The video has had more than 2 million views
  • Has released 5 highly acclaimed projects as a solo artist
  • Invites you to come make a great record at Thunder Sound Studio today!!!
"This was a great studio design project from the beginning. Dane knew what he wanted and we delivered it. The signal path is excellent, control room acoustics are perfect, and most important......the drum sounds are killer!"
Jeff Gardner, Plus One Audio Services
Wide angle photograph of the main control room.


The drum room is set up at all times with 5 drum sets, Drum Workshop, Noble and Cooley, Ludwig and Yamaha recording series. dozens of cymbals, and 25 vintage snare drums to choose from. There are a plethora of guitars as well. A Les Paul Custom, Telecaster, 40th Anniversary Stratocaster, 6 string Jerry Jones Danelectro copy, a 1966 12-string Hagstrom, a Smith and Patrick acoustic guitar, a Guild small neck acoustic, a Regal dobro and a Yamaha 4 string bass guitar.

Also a Yamaha Motif keyboard, a vintage Hammond M3 organ, an appalachian dulcimer, a Fender mandolin and an Epiphone banjo. A cornucopia of microphones, including 2 Samson Fathead matched ribbon microphones, Electovoice 868, lots of SM 57's and 58's, two Sennheiser 421's, an Audio Technica AT 8441, and a host of others.

The mixing/mastering area features 11 channels of the magnificent Capi VP28 2 Stage Mic Pre's. A Brent Averill Neve module and a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 round out the 14 mic pre channels. The interface is Universal Audio Apollo 16 Thunderbolt interface with UAD DSP.


"I love this studio, writing, and working with Dane! I’ve had the opportunity to record in many of the studios in Nashville throughout the past 10 years and I can honestly say that I prefer working at Thunder Sound Studio the best. Great sounds, great producer, great outcomes...big laughs and priceless memories."
Jason Sturgeon, Recording Artist | Nashville, Tennessee | Current Project: Dirty Hands Clean Money (2017)
"I've worked at a lot of recording studios but, for my money, Thunder Sound Studio in Indiana is the best. It all comes down to three things: experience, talent and ears. I give an A+ on all accounts. Dane Clark has worked with the best in the business including 21 years of Mellencamp sessions. He brings the same quality standards to his own Thunder Sound Studio."
Butch Castetter, Recording Artist | Palmetto, Florida
"Recording at Thunder Sound Studio was a real treat! Dane has a natural gift when it comes to music and I immediately felt at home surrounded by his creative energy. The best way I can describe the experience is that it was like watching him breathe life into my songs."
Annette Wilson, Recording Artist | Phoenix, Arizona
"Dane Clark's years of being on the 'musician's side' of the recording studio, drumming on countless songs for other artists, including his years with John Mellencamp, have led to this state of the art studio he now operates. Dane has all of the best equipment, but one must have "ears" to know how to get the sounds with today's recording wizardry. Dane does this. I have recorded with Dane on his last album and all I can say is Dane knows how to get the best performance out of any musician/singer. His vast knowledge of many genres of music gives him the necessary insight to know how to record the individual artist, allowing for the best product to be produced. I highly recommend Thunder Sound Studio to anyone looking for a world-class, professionally produced project."


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